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Guitar/ Banjo instructor Tom Noonan
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Bluegrass Mandolin Instruction:
Susan K. Dailey

Front Range Community College:
Larimer Campus - Fort Collins, Colorado
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Larimer Campus Music Department

Creative Arts, Design and Humanities office (CADHU)

Course Information
MUS 141
Private Instruction I  Mandolin

MUS 142
Private Instruction 2 Mandolin
(prerequisite MUS 141)

MUS 143
Private Instruction 3 Mandolin
(prerequisite MUS 142)

Bluegrass class

Susan specializes in instructing adult beginning
and intermediate players. Her emphasis is on the
bluegrass and folk genre.

Course Description

1 credit. - Register through Admission and Records. One-on-one instruction in accompaniment and solo bluegrass style mandolin playing. Hours are arranged with the instructor.

This class is recommended for beginning and intermediate level, mandolin students, who are interested in an introductory course on playing the mandolin. Progress depends on the student’s ability to practice on his/her own, consequently, private instruction requires an individualized curriculum tailored to the student’s musical personality, interests and physical abilities.

This is a one-credit course. This is a one-credit course. One credit requires one 30-minute lesson per week or fourteen 30-minute lessons per semester. Lesson meeting times can be individualized to meet the scheduling needs of the student and instructor. Private music instruction is intended to intensely develop the student’s technical abilities on the mandolin in a Bluegrass or "folk process"* format. This includes basic music skills such as knowledge of basic chords, timing and the mastery of selected tunes. Some knowledge of the mandolin "masters" in
the field as well as skills necessary for playing in a group setting will also be covered. The history of the mandolin and its diverse influence in various cultures will also be discussed.

*Folk Process-A regional, cultural music, often drawing on tradition, sometimes reflecting the times, providing a link between musical performance styles and culture. An ever-evolving process, a passing down of songs between geographical regions and from generation to generation, categorized by Alan Lomax in the late 1950’s.


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