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The Market Place

“The Marketplace” (collaboration with Mario Echevarria)
Size: 8’w x  11’h x 1“ w
Media: Acrylic paint, mosaic tile and wood

Commissioned by: Colorado State AIPP program
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Year of Completion: 1999
Placement: Indoor entryway, CSU Rockwell Hall, lobby-new wing.

The central image of the piece is an open air Marketplace, a universal symbol for business in all cultures.  Framing the central theme are symbols representing the various business models through the ages that the university has gone through….The college was a land grant university, and founded in the age of an agricultural business model.  Then society moved into the Industrial Age, which gave way to the Information Age.  What will be the next business age of business models?… bio-chemical age?

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