Susan K. Dailey

Art in Public Places

Avogadro’s Number Resaurant
Fort Collins, Colorado

Interior pieces




Avogadro's Number


Avogadro’s Number (Avo’s) is a popular restaurant, music venue, bar and community meeting place near the college. One of this Fort Collins landmark’s distinguishing features are the murals.

2005 Stairwell in New addition remodel: tribute to the Poudre River theme, In part based on an historical painting from the late 1800’s. With many employees modeling for the figures in the mural.

1997, Music Room remodels: medieval castle interior theme, with many employees modeling as customers in the patio scene.

1993, Music Room remodels: Tribute to T. author Webster Gwemly, who wrote a paper about how the we were treating the earth like the natives did on Easter Island. They used up all of their resources and were stranded on the island. There is also a tribute to Jacques Cousteau and of course STAR TREK! The late great forensic anthropologist Dr. Michael Charney is also given tribute in the character of the wizard.

1988, 2001 Dining Room remodels: Jungle and Medieval castle ruins theme. Featuring “Professor Lobotomis” modeled by Glenn Zankey. A piece of the original abstract murals from the 1960’s can be seen in “Rabo’s wall”.

1982, 1986 Outside patio remodels: Lord of the Rings theme- Medieval forest theme.


Avogadros   Avogadro's Number