Susan K. Dailey


Lula W. Dorsey Museum, Estes Park, Colorado

Lula W. Dorsey Museum,
YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado

Susan has completed museum backdrops for five displays in this very nice little museum located on the grounds of the YMCA of the Rockies convention center, outside of Estes Park, CO. Jack Melton is the curator. She worked with both Jack and his wife Lulu in the creation of these exhibits.

Article by Jack Melton,
Museum Curator
Excerpts from the spring 1997 Newsletter

The archaeology exhibit at the Lula Dorsey Museum is a diorama encompassing an entire room. It is a re-creation of an excavation and recovered artifacts found at “Smuggler’s Cove” on the YMCA property.  Rather than create the exact site, Museum curator, Jack Melton, decided to create a representative rock shelter.  Museum personnel and artist Susan Dailey built a rock overhang from foam and paper mache’ dominating the ceiling and one corner, and parts of two walls in one of the upstairs galleries. Fort Collins artist Susan Dailey spent weeks recreating an illusionary scene: in it Mount’s Chapin, Chiquita and Ypsilon rise majestically in the distance.  Fluffy clouds dance across a Colorado summer sky; pine and aspen trees fill hillsides sloping down to a river valley below, and summer flowers spring forth in the foreground.  On the ground underneath the platform is a recreation of a Hunter/gather campsite from about 3,000 BP (before present).

Lola Dorsey Museum
Detail approx. 8' x  5'   

Lola Dorsey Museum
Detail approx. 8' x  14'

Prehistoric tools diorama – a reconstruction of the “Big rock shelter” a prehistoric archeological site found on the YMCA grounds…The rock is made of carved foam board and paper mache’. Susan painted all four walls and the ceiling of this room in Acrylic latex paint.

Lola Dorsey Museum



Detail approx. 8' x 10'

Mountainside Lodge display - This historic lodge, on the national historic register, was built in the 1920’s, and was recently renovated by the YMCA. This beautiful old log lodge is available for group rentals through the YMCA. This display mural was painted from a photograph taken in the 1920, just after the completion of the lodge….Almost 100 years later, the trees around the lodge are now a lot taller.

Lola Dorsey Museum



Detail approx. 10' x 8'

Longs Peak hiking display – The view for this display backdrop was taken from a 1915 photograph of a hiker in the “Boulder field” part of the hike up Longs Peak, in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rock climbing display (not pictured) – This exhibit, it honors renowned Estes park rock climber Gordo White.

Fern lake lodge display (not pictured) – An historic lodge once stood on the east Shore of Fern Lake, in Rocky Mountain National park. The east shore as it looks now is depicted in this museum display backdrop. (The lodge was torn down in the mid 1970’s).