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Private Mandolin Instruction, including supplementary group “jam workshops”, are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters only at Front Range Community College, Larimer Campus.

For more information or to sign up for classes see website: or call the Music Department, Creative Arts, Design Humanities (CADHU) Office: (970)204-8182

Susan Dailey mandolin

Mandolin Private Instruction is geared toward beginning and intermediate level students. A background in music can be helpful but is not required. Required topics include; the study of music notation, tablature and ear training. Other skills covered; developing a working knowledge of basic chords, timing and the mastery of basic melodies and solos. Music is tailored to the student’s musical personality, interests and physical abilities (declared music majors will follow a more structured format). Course material is generally presented in a “Bluegrass” folk process* format unless the student is interested in a particular genre’ of music.

Since performance and playing with other people in a group setting is part of playing a musical instrument, Supplemental group playing workshops and a student concert is offered as part of the music program. These will be offered on Friday afternoons at various times throughout the semester. The student concert is generally held near the end of the semester to help students prepare for the final juried performance.

Group playing “jam workshop” topics will explore various genres of music including bluegrass, blues, swing and jazz. Several instructors will be involved. The workshop will explore skills needed for playing in a group; skills that can sometimes be specific to a certain genre. Guided, hands-on experience playing with other students of various instruments will be the primary focus of the workshops. The workshops are held on Friday afternoons (3:30 to 4:30 PM) and specific topics and dates will be announced by the instructor at the beginning of each semester.

*Folk Process-A regional, cultural music, often drawing on tradition, sometimes reflecting the times, providing a link between musical performance styles and culture. An ever-evolving process, a passing down of songs between geographical regions and from generation to generation, categorized by Alan Lomax in the late 1950’s.

MUS 141
Private Instruction (level I) Mandolin – start here!

MUS 142
Private Instruction (level 2) Mandolin (prerequisite MUS 141)

MUS 143
Private Instruction (level 3) Mandolin (prerequisite MUS 142)

Course Description:
Private Mandolin Instruction can be taken as a 1 or 2 credit class. The instructors teaching day is generally Tuesday afternoon...Specific times are arranged with the instructor. Please make sure you sign up for the class in sequence, starting with MUS 141.

A one-credit course requires fourteen 30-minute lessons per week per semester, (or the equivalent). A two credit course would require one 60 minute lesson per week etc. A final juried performance (at week 15), before a panel of instructors is required as part of the class and acts as the final exam for the class.



Jam Class
Archival photo of first Jam workshop at FRCC

Susan Dailey  Tom NoonanArchival photo of Tom Noonan,
Banjo instructor with Susan

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