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  • View of the total installation from east side of tunnel facing west DETAIL: Both mural installations facing west.
  • Center panels on bridge, Northern Colorado farming practices circa 1910 DETAIL: West "Farming" mural
  • West retaining wall - The Northern Colorado prairie as it looked in the 1800s DETAIL: West "Prairie" mural
  • Bridge panel detail DETAIL: center bridge panel detail
  • West retaining wall detail DETAIL: West retaining wall antelope
  • West retaining wall detail DETAIL: West retaining wall native American

PUBLIC ART | Portfolio 
Windows into the Past

West "Prairie" mural-approximately   8’h x 12’w
East "Farming" mural-approximately   8’h x 12’w

These murals are painted on metal panels and installed into concrete insets.  The work was commissioned by the Fort Collins Art in Public Places program.  Two murals are placed on either side of a recreational trail underpass tunnel (located at the intersection of Turnberry Road and Richards Lake Road in the North East part of Fort Collins). 

The panels appear in sequences of varying lengths and widths that represent “windows” into the past.  The East entryway mural depicts images of early farming practices inspired by historic images taken around 1910.   As you walk west through the tunnel, you see the second mural that symbolically depicts how the Northern Colorado prairie may have looked in the 1800’s.  The intention is to give viewers a sense of walking back in time, a reminder to both visitors and residents of the heritage of the land that the subdivision stands on, as well as provide an iconic feature for the neighborhood.

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