Susan K. Dailey

Art in Public Places

Exterior pieces

“Power of Unity”
Kensington Park
Longmont, Colorado.

A collaborative work by Susan Dailey and Mario Echevarria.

This is a Longmont Art-in-Public Places project. One of goals of this project was to create a piece that would help to help unite and give pride to a neighborhood with a violent past. Community members gave input into the visual imagery and posed for some of the figures as well as helped with some phases of the construction. Neighborhood hands are imprinted into the concrete on the back of the mural. Plaque statements are in Spanish and English. The main figure represents unity and alludes to Our Lady of Guadeloupe. All of the figures she cradles in her arms are kids from the neighborhood that we photographed.

Plaque statements are in Spanish and English.



Reinforced cinderblock wall on concrete pad (4’ below ground). concrete, stucco, mosaic and handmade tiles handmade ceramic plaques
15’x 7’ x 1’.