Susan K. Dailey

Pierce Idaho Landscape Workshop

Selected student photos and comments.

Jon Cole from Lewiston Idaho


     Sharon Hiner       Mary Anne Marco

"Artist Susan Dailey came to our little town of Pierce, Idaho with a big smile and an even bigger talent! She was hired by our local elementary school to work with the students, painting a wildlife mural in the lunch room. Prior to starting the week long mural project, she undertook a one day workshop for a number of us local artists who had signed up “to absorb what she could teach up”. We did a one day class and came away with a weeks worth of valued information and each did a lovely piece with Susan helping and sharing her expertise with each of us. Susan is a wonderful teacher, friendly, cheerful and very generous with her knowledge. We all had a wonderful fruitful day with her. I even volunteered to help with the finish painting of the elk and moose in the lunchroom murals".

Sharon Hiner, Artist
Pierce, Idaho

"Pierce was very fortunate to have Susan Dailey travel here and put together a day long class for some local artists from beginners to very talented folks. Susan is well versed in art instruction and presents the material is such a manner that it is concise and very easy to absorb and then apply to the works that we were doing. I found it was great for beginning instruction and yet was great for those more advanced people. Susan has a very refreshing manner and down to earth personality that I completely enjoyed. She is such a nice gal to have for an art teacher. And she had a huge job going on with mural painting on all the walls in the room for the elementary kids, yet gave more of her time for us to have the class. So Pierce was fortunate and we hope she returns in the future".

Mary Anne Marco
Pierce, Idaho