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Mount of the Holy Cross

Mountain of the Holy Cross

Size of original painting: 9” x 12”

The Mountain of the Holy Cross is located in the Northern part of the Sawatch Mountain Range in Colorado, Elevation:  14,005 ft.   Holy Cross was first photographed in the 1870’s.  Due to erosion and a dryer climate, the cross shaped snowfield is not as distinctive today as it was in the 1800’s.  Consulting historic photographs, I tried to re-create the mountain as it may have appeared at the time of the mountain’s first documented discovery, with the symbolic snowfield still intact. The original painting was commissioned by Colorado Recorder Orchestra conductor, Rosi Terada.  Her husband, Dr. James Terada, organized a two week tour for the orchestra in 2006, and they performed in various places throughout Japan.  This was a gift from the Orchestra to the Shibuya Evangelical church in Tokyo, Japan.

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