Avogadro’s Restaurant

Avogadro’s Number Restaurant, bar and music venue is a popular local Fort Collins, Colorado landmark. The restaurant is known for its murals, and is located at 605 South Mason St. in Fort Collins. Included here are some close ups of the 2020 music room mural refurbishing project:

Susan started painting murals at Avogadro’s Number restaurant in 1982. The north outside wall had a “Lord of the Rings” theme (the books were newly published at the time). Every few years as the restaurant was remodeled and expanded, Susan was invited back to add to the murals…..In a way, the “Avos” murals chronicle her mural painting career. Much of the imagery touches on topics that are personally meaningful to the owner; including family member portraits. Many employees and some patrons have posed for the various figures depicted in the murals. The themes are often whimsical and thought provoking. Some of the people who posed for the figures in the mural over the years have died, and their portraits remain as a tribute. In May of 2020, during the Covid lockdown, the music room murals were refurbished and expanded upon (some details are pictured on this site).