Golden Prairie Organic Farms

“Family Heritage”
12’h x 20’w
Media: Acrylic paint on metal panels (installed onto a grain silo).
Nunn, Colorado

Commissioned by Golden Prairie Organic Farms. This artwork pays tribute to a multi-generational farming family. This piece has become a local icon for the very small prairie farming community town of Nunn, Colorado, located on the plains in the Northern part of the state.

The mural was featured on the PBS show “America’s Heartland” (along with the historic Berthoud grain elevator mural). The “Family Heritage” mural is also featured in the book, “The Murals of Colorado – Walls that Speak” by Motian-Meadows and Garnsey. Golden Prairie Organic Farms ( ) specialize in organic millet, and is run by a multi-generational farming family.